“Am I getting the most income from my rental unit?” This is an important question investors must ask themselves to insure a good portfolio of real estate investment properties. If your answer is, “my income could be better”, a qualified, experienced management agency could be the answer.

A qualified, experienced management agency could save you lots of dollars by placing only qualified tenants with good references. Think of the savings from headaches and heartaches of nonpayment of rent and of damages and repairs to your rental unit.

Here at Ginoza Realty Inc., we have the experience to handle your rental property(s) for you! Our comprehensive property management services include:

  • Finding qualified tenants with thorough credit checks and solid references.
  • Checking in new tenants into units with a full written inspection performed prior to move-in.
  • Ensuring tenants follow the Hawaii Landlord/Tenant Code.
  • Unit inspections are diligently performed every 5-6 months.
  • Fielding tenant complaints and phone calls for repairs, which we arrange immediately.
  • Filing Hawai’i State General Excise taxes and submitting 1099 tax forms and year-end reports to owners.
  • Direct deposit rent fees to owners along with complete computerized property reports.

You will find the experience of our staff at Ginoza Realty to be invaluable!

Carol Ginoza

Carol S. Ginoza-Arikawa, R – Principal Broker

Carol S. Ginoza-Arikawa obtained her Realtor Associate’s license in 1976 and her Realtor’s license in 1979. She was actively involved in the community on the Board of the Kuikahi Mediation Center, the University of Hawai’i Hilo Performing Arts Center, the UHH Athletic Advisory Board, the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Island and Hilo Little League. She is also on the grievance committee for the Hawai’i Island Board of Realtors.

She believes in providing top service to her clients and was rewarded by being voted the Reader’s choice Best Real Estate Agent for 2001 and 2002 and Best Real Estate Agency on the Big Island for 2001.

She started with 60 rental units and today the company has over 650 residential and commercial rental units.
Carol’s philosophy is simple. Provide prompt service to both the owner and the tenant and be fair to everyone.

You can contact Carol at 808-969-1471 ext 225 or email her at carol@ginozarealty.com.

Sean Ginoza

Sean S. Ginoza, Realtor – Property Manager

Sean is a 2002 graduate of Waiakea High School and attended the University of Northern Colorado. He has received his real estate broker’s license and is a valuable asset to our company in the Property Management and Sales divisions.

Sean enjoys baseball and softball. He has worked part-time at Ginoza Realty, Inc. since 2000 when he still was in high school. Sean has done everything in the office from A-Z. He is a conscientious worker and has adjusted quickly to the management side of the business.

To contact Sean, call 969-1471 ext 227 or email him at sean@ginozarealty.com.

Russell Arikawa

Russell M. Arikawa, Realtor – Property Manager/Personnel Manager

Russell was born and raised in Hilo and started working for Ginoza Realty, Inc. as a property manager in 2003. He previously worked on an anthurium farm, and was a supervisor in the Hawai’i County Police Department 911 division. He knows the “laid back” culture of the Big Island. His philosophy is “treat people the way that you would like to be treated.”

He obtained his degree in communications from the University of Hawai’i at Hilo. Russell is also a retired Master Sargeant with the Hawai’i Air National Guard, 291 CBCS.

You may contact Russell at 808-969-1471 ext 226 or email him at russell@ginozarealty.com.

Kristin L. Mikami

Kristin L. Mikami, RS – Property Manager

Kristin was born and raised on the island of Kauai. She graduated from Kauai High School in 1999 and attained her Associates degree from Kauai Community College in Office Administration. She moved to Hilo and obtained her Realtor license and has over 13 years of Property Management experience.

She loves to express her creativity through paper crafts, stamping, and water coloring.
She believes in prompt communication between owners, tenants, and vendors are one of the key elements in business. She also feels a professional Property Manager means being fair, firm and consistent with all matters.

To contact Kristin, call 969-1471 ext 229 or email her at kristin@ginozarealty.com.