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 Policies and Requirements

1.   NO PETS.

2.   Unless adult applications are marries, applicants must fill out separate applications. 

3.   All adults (18 years and older) must complete and sign the application. Applications that are not COMPLETELY filled out or not signed by all adults will not be processed.  A photo I.D. (driver's license or other Government issued photo I.D.) must be presented when turning in the application.  All photo I.D.s must be received BEFORE your application will be processed.

4.   If you apply with someone else to live in the same unit and that person is disapproved, you will also be          disapproved.  Only approved applicants are to be authorized to rent/live in any rental unit.

5.   Two (2) rental references are REQUIRED.  A qualified rental reference must be for at least six (6) months.  Anything less than six (6) months is not a qualified reference.  FAMILY, FRIENDS, and DORMITORIES are also not considered qualified references.

6.   Please allow 5-7 business to process rental applications.  Rental applications will be processes in the order that they are completely received.  It is your responsibility to provide us with the necessary information to contact your present and past landlords.  We will make a good faith effort; however, if we are unable to contact your landlords for a rental reference and verify your rental history, your application may be denied.

7.   We cannot guarantee that the unit you are applying for will be available for you to rent as we may have already approved an applicant who may be interested in the same unit.

8.   You certify that all information provided is true and correct.  False or incomplete information given by an applicant will result in discontinuing processing the application or is grounds for eviction.

9.   Once this application is submitted to our office, it becomes property of Ginoza Realty, Inc. and it will not be returned to you.  Ginoza Realty, Inc. will keep all applications and information obtained confidential.

10.  Effective October 1, 2014, Ginoza Realty, Inc. will be charging a non-refundable $10.00 application fee per adult.  Application fees must be in form of cash, cashier's check or money order.  No personal check will be accepted.  Your application fee will be donated to the Hawaiian Island Food Basket, UHH Athletics and Hospice of Hilo.

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